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Single / Double Girder Goliath Crane

Single Girder Goliath Cranes or Double Girder Goliath Cranes are mostly used for Outdoor handling requirements. Areas where building sheds is not feasible / not required, such cranes are installed. Storage yards, Ports, Docks and construction industry.

Installing this type of cranes benefits buyer’s as larger areas are covered under the crane working space. Cranes with larger spans and heights can be fulfill the requirements.

It also beneficial for buyer to shift these cranes from one site to other.

These cranes are mainly used for medium to heavy duty handling requirements. Option with overhang on one side or both sides is available. Hence loads which are outside the rail span also can be easily handled.

Cranes are designed as per the Indian Standard Specifications and are available from class – II to IV. General capacity can be from 5 ton to 400 ton depending upon the requirement.

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